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starts today.

Charity: why anyone needs it?

There are a lot of needs. “Odmrozić Serca” (Melt Your Heart) Foundation was founded by Robert Mróz. It helps pupils of Child Care Homes enter into adult and responsible life. Robert Mróz himself is a former pupil of such home. Having spent a few years abroad, he runs his own business in his family town- Kalisz. His goal is to help foster children to enter into adulthood. 

What we do?

Charity Actions

Events for children 

We help to enter into adulthood


My name is Robert

I know what is like to live in Child Care Home. It is not so sad, in spite of appearances. But, when adulthood comes, you have to say goodbye to Home and  lead your adult life alone. Find a place to live, find a job, finish education and start a family. However, it is not so easy as it may seem, especially for foster children.

I think, I  did my best to lead a happy life. I lived and run my own company abroad for over a decade. Few years ago, I came back to Poland, to my home city- Kalisz. I decided to help pupils of Child Care Home  enter into adulthood. And that’s why I founded the “Odmrozić Serca” Charity Foundation.

Archival and current events

Children’s Day 2020

Another year with pupils of Kalisz Child Care Home. Happiness, emotions and satisfaction. 

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We had been waiting for this day with the same impatience as for Christmas. Our firends Mr Robert Mróz and Przemysław Lata organized another Children’s Day picnic for us. 

Lukasz has had an accident and he broke his spinal cord. We organized a charity run for him.  

Christmas package 2019

Leroy Merlin, creating Christmas Tree with our hands, sports inspirations with a real Olympic champion and  “Usterka” TV crew. A lot for one day!

Christmas package 2018

It was very succesful campaign!

Children’s Day 2017

Kid’s smile is in our hands! Under this slogan, a charity event was held in Kalisz Child Care Home. 

Christmas package 2017

Christmas is a time of happiness for children! In 2017, we made them very happy!

Children’s Day 2016

 “OdMrozić Serca” Charity organized another Children’s Day picnic. 

Charity opening

Many guests, even from Norway, nice atmosphere, speeches and… WE START  HELPING 

And how you can help?

Just give as a call

The best projects start from talking. We develop mutual contacts and we will certaintly help a lot of people. 

Help us financially

Every coin counts. Helping charity, you help foster children to enter into adult life. It concerns Child Care Home in Kalisz, Great Poland and all over country. 

Help us materially

An unnecessary kayak is in your garage?- give it to the Charity. Thanks to you, children can organize a trip and maybe even rent it to raise some money for their Home?

Have you got an idea? Excellent!

We are working on new things, which can help us to set goals of our Charity, all the time. If you have any idea how to help us- give us a call. Together, we can do everything. 

Our projects

Our actions



#goMarcel action 

#goMarcel action 

#goMarcel Today, in the Krotoszyn sport hall, we had a pleasure to help with the Ziętek Team and other sports teams. It was great to see a lot of people, interested in exercising and sharing experiences. Excellent opportunity to support Marcel. Bartosz Gromada, Ola...

Children’s Day is fun! 2020

Children’s Day is fun! 2020

Today is Children's Day! Kalisz and Child Care Homes are celebrating with happiness! We couldn't organized an event, so the new idea was born. We went to children, we love them all! Next year is ours and we hope to organized an outside picnic.💙❤💯👍🤝🥳  ...


since 2016

We have helped to organize charity runs 

Not only we help as participates, but also as boosters and co-organizers. 

120 kids

We try to help everyone

As of  today, we have helped about 120 kids improve their lives. 


We try to to spend on help 

We run our owns companies in building and automotive industry. We decided to spend 5% of our earnings for Charity. 

Charity is registered in National Court Register under the no. 0000767086


Account no. 87 1020 2212 0000 5202 0431 8457

7 Chopina Street, 62-800 Kalisz, Poland

+48 600 668 117


"Robert is a hard working and devouted young man. I met him in Norway, he is like a son to me."

Bengt Lie Hansen – Former President of Statoil Russia

“The most important is to recognize the needs. Help itself is important, but when we don't see a sea of needs, we won't help anyone after all.”

Robert Mróz – the owner, Rocco Build